An Easy Dream

An Easy Dream

An Easy Dream 1936 1296 Dux Communications

I miss outdoor exercise, and I’m not talking about using a busy, bike path.

This winter, in Indy, has been BRUTAL. Yes, the word is deserving of all caps. I thought certain people were exaggerating when they called last winter ‘mild.’ I used to laugh and say, ‘sure,’ and I’d think to myself, I survived more than three years in Boston. I can take it!

But… there’s always a but. Right?

But… I miss the sunshine on my face as I work up a real sweat. The gym gets old. It always has, actually. Yet, it’s often the only option when your local weatherman is promising a ‘wintry mix’ over and over again, and you work long hours. As a result, my reality is often a bar over my head with heavy weights on each end way too early in the morning for me to even form a proper sentence. My inner thoughts are something along the lines of, ‘lift or get clobbered.’

I much prefer the natural movements, the workout, you can get outside in the fresh air. You don’t have to tune out the top 20 radio station blasting from a countless number of speakers or the smelly man working out next to your machine who is wearing jeans?! Yes, I have had several sightings.

So, lucky for me, my waistline, and my sanity, a very good friend, who is living the California dream, invited me to the West Coast. We hiked, did a little bit of climbing, and I loved every minute of it!

Southern California is an easy dream… even in March. Proof?

It has been a little while since my creative juices have flowed. Plus, it gave me a good excuse to take a breather… just for a second, of course. (gasp)



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