Love Thy ‘Selfie’

Love Thy ‘Selfie’

Love Thy ‘Selfie’ 1920 1280 Dux Communications

Selfie (n): a picture you take of yourself; if you’re an amateur, like me, your arm is in it no matter what you try unless, of course, you’ve used a mirror or it’s this close up.

Exhibit A.

Love Thy 'Selfie'

How many of you have taken one? Come on. I see you smiling now or laughing at me…

I couldn’t help myself.

I often crack up as I flip through my long list of social media accounts.  There is always at least one ‘selfie’ per hour, AND the alternative, which is almost always a picture of a delicious meal. Are we obsessed with food too, or are we that busy at work that food has become that much more exciting?? I’m confused and strangely intrigued.

I just signed up for Instagram after fighting it for quite some time, and guess what I found? More of the same…

I have to admit I have taken a picture or two of my Tupperware lunches. For some reason, I simply get a kick out of opening the lid, and just waiting for my photographer to say something, anything. When I eat clean, I tend to cook up a broccoli, egg-white combination, and it smells awesome. (No, it doesn’t.)

I’ve even taken it as far as a chopped, raw vegetable mixture from my favorite organic grocery store. Hours later, my photographer and I angrily searched the live truck for whatever rotting food someone left behind. That is, of course, after we had looked at each other inquisitively for a few minutes as if to say, ‘Is that you? It couldn’t possibly be!’

I love those moments.

I had accidentally bumped the veggies when I jumped into the truck, and the plastic container opened on its own. Oops! I swore… never again.

So, if it’s not already obvious, I have not impressed anyone with a gorgeous meal, but I did just take care of that. I captured my first authentic, eight course Japanese dinner. One of the diners was a Pescaterian so we stuck to seafood. No complaints from this Miami native even with fish liver on the menu. You have to try everything at least once as long as it’s not going to kill you, right? As for my ‘selfies’… I’m a work in progress.



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