A picture is worth a thousand words.
Beautiful Magic

Beautiful Magic

Beautiful Magic 1290 857 Dux Communications
We did it. I take a deep breath… and look over the first few wedding photos on my computer screen. Tux. White dress with pearls. Me and Tim. April 6, 2018. read more
Weekend in Paris

Weekend in Paris

Weekend in Paris 1920 1080 Dux Communications
A picture captures a moment that will never happen again… a moment that has come and gone forever… but with a steady hand, right pointer finger pressed ever so gently… read more

Pura Vida

Pura Vida 1920 1280 Dux Communications
Costa Rica is green and beautiful. Raw. The land seemingly only touched with a soft hand  … and graced by something or someone from up above. A spiritual place where you can truly connect… read more
An Easy Dream

An Easy Dream

An Easy Dream 1936 1296 Dux Communications
I miss outdoor exercise, and I’m not talking about using a busy, bike path. This winter, in Indy, has been BRUTAL. Yes, the word is deserving of all caps. read more
Fancy Schmancy

Fancy Schmancy

Fancy Schmancy 1920 1280 Dux Communications
My first trip to Detroit was inspired by lawn seat tickets to a Lauryn Hill concert many moons ago. My second trip… involved a chair up against the door of a hotel room… read more

Butterflies and Rainbows

Butterflies and Rainbows 1920 1280 Dux Communications
I was trying to think back to the time when I realized life was.. well life. It can get ugly fast. I remember joking with one of my friends the other day, saying… read more
Let’s Fly Away

Let’s Fly Away

Let’s Fly Away 1920 1280 Dux Communications
I thought I might as well opt for co-pilot off the bat. At least I could watch and listen if we happened to plummet thousands of feet. Little planes have always… read more

Ah, Sunshine

Ah, Sunshine 1920 873 Dux Communications
I think one of our producers just wrote it best: “A dreary, damp day across Indiana.” Looking any better by you?? Likely not… so here’s a little natural TLC courtesy my parent’s yard in Miami. read more
A Little One-on-One

A Little One-on-One

A Little One-on-One 1936 1296 Dux Communications
This past Sunday… instead of some football watching, I threw on a fleece, headed down a few trails and stopped in a public garden. I know, I know… possibly shameful… read more



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