Communications that connect--and captivate.

Led by Emmy® Award-winning journalist, Ann Keil Dux, Miami-based consulting firm Dux Communications provides corporate, governmental, and nonprofit leadership with high-value services that build brands including strategic communications, public speaking coaching, on-camera media training, and multimedia content creation.


Everyone has a unique story.

We harness its authentic power and amplify it.

At Dux Communications, our goal is simple: We help you tell your story to grow influence.

Clients establish meaningful connections for individual and organizational growth through highly personalized professional development coaching curriculums, communications consulting, and creative media services.

A consulting firm born out of passion for people and community.

With notable careers dedicated to the communications, business and nonprofit industries, Ann Keil Dux and her team teach through experience offering clients unparalleled professional development instruction and content.


Vast knowledge with years of experience.

Dedicated to your success.

We are communications and media specialists that have worked across different markets and industries, mastering the art of storytelling and the science of making a lasting impression upon audiences.

One fundamental belief drives us: Your voice can and should be heard.

We’d love nothing more than to help you get there.

Let us help you own the room. Connect now for your FREE consultation.

Delivering industry leaders with on-demand, one-on-one communications consulting, public speaking coaching, media training, content creation, and video production services.



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