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Training and coaching to power performance.

Executive & Leadership Training/Coaching

We help leaders build the skills needed to win the trust, confidence, and commitment of others.

Communication Skills

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Time Management

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Team Building

Great communication

is the foundation of

great leadership.

From C-suite executives to department heads, the true difference makers are defined by their ability to inspire success–by what they say and what they do.

Discovering innovative ways to unite and engage people inside and outside an organization is crucial, as is developing the skill and discipline to effectively communicate and set new goals.

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Public Speaking & Presentation Training/Coaching

Start growing your vocal variety, poise, precision — and more.







A focus on effective human connection is key, and it is becoming ever more important in business across all industries. Leadership must operate and thrive in faster-paced communities where clients, customers, company stakeholders and the public expect a highly interactive and personalized experience.

Without question, honing one’s public speaking skill set and corporate presentation through an investment in Dux Communications services, builds brands in respect to visibility and credibility.This is achieved through trained focus on body language, storytelling structures, fine-tuned vocal variety and strategic messaging tools that serve as the backbone for clear, confident and captivating delivery in all public forms of communication. Executive and subject matter expert positioning is available as is coaching geared towards internal messaging for improved communication, increased connectivity and staff empowerment.


Media Training/Coaching

Deliver your message with confidence and credibility to shine during media interviews and manage even the most challenging encounters with the press.

Brand Development

Strategic Messaging

Physical Presentation

Interview Best Practices

On-camera media training conducted by Dux Communications creates a more poised public appearance, spotlighting a personality or brand interested in showcasing a development, policy or project. The process also serves as a pre-crisis management tool and provides an invaluable investment for leadership looking to dovetail into in-demand subject matter experts armed with a broader knowledge of the media landscape.

Brand identity and key messaging are tested through mock on-camera interviews executed by Ann and an experienced media team utilizing professional gear to create hands-on, real-world scenarios. Video playback and critique follows in a one-on-one or group setting for immediate and practical learning focused on both verbal and physical presentation. Public speaking sessions are encouraged in conjunction with media training.


Speech & Interview Training/Coaching

We help prepare you for your next important speech or job interview.

Talking Points

Storyline Development

Nonverbal Cues

A captured room is the ultimate goal whether you are giving a speech or trying to land a job. What you say is immensely valuable, but how you say it is often the game changer. An audience is looking for strength, credibility and passion highlighted through verbal and nonverbal communication. They also want to know who you are deep down. What is your personal brand?

Let Dux Communications guide you through the process of turning oftentimes tired speech copy or talking points into riveting and authentic storylines that will set you apart. At your next meeting, event or interview, you will be equipped with the right tools and techniques that guarantee a clear and confident presence evermore critical for career success.

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