Beautiful Magic

Beautiful Magic

Beautiful Magic 1290 857 Dux Communications
We did it. I take a deep breath… and look over the first few wedding photos on my computer screen. Tux. White dress with pearls. Me and Tim. April 6, 2018. read more


M.J. 1920 1280 Dux Communications
I ended up in a sad version of a partial backbend in the darkness of my hospital room. I couldn’t bare the lights post-op. My oh-so-brave husband was struggling with the pink plastic bed pan. read more
Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Just Breathe 1920 1062 Dux Communications
He smiled in the doorway. My surgeon looked proud. He was on his way out… stopping by as promised. I felt the warmth. I held back the emotion. The vulnerability. Piercing. read more



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